Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rejuvenate, Renew, Refresh

It seems like decades since post last, That things on blogs improve
And image size, restrict in past, Now better work! I move
To take afresh a new look then, At blogging here once more
Attempt rejuvenate, and then, More content, please don't snore.

A few things change since time last post, The Muse hath undergone
A frame technique, to show pic, most, It's glory now, have shone.
This frame technique, a good friends' hint, The steps perform, he said
Your pics do well, provide a glint, Profess-ional look 'stead.

A sample then, this frame present, For those that wish the know
of how to make, and steps time lent, Your pics too, make then, glow.

The steps to take to make such frame, In tool of photo-shop
Or any such, retain their fame, Your process I won't stop
Suggest I will what need be done, Your action it may change
The execution is the fun, So try not find it strange.

First step to do is resize pic, S'en hundred for the wide
Four hundred, vertical, look slick, Display themselves, with pride.
Move on we then to step of two, A keyline, is it's name
A pixel wide, from left run through, To right, and bound the frame.

Sometimes may find, 1 pixel wide, Is not enough to show
Increase to two then side by side, your keyline's in the know
The line define in colour black, So as not to in-trude
No shadow or such other hack, That comes across as rude.

Depend on size of keyline drew, The step of next we take
If pixel one, then this pursue, S'en Nine your frame now make
Should pixel had been 2 as said, The border we reduce
And S'en eight use we now instead, The final colour choose.

The colour of the border pick, It's white, as plain can be
And if your math had kept yard-stick, Your pic now plus eigh-ty
A text in gray below can add, It's font we keep to nine
The Exif one, make users glad, And shows itself, just fine
And to the left, in size le-ven, A title too, feel free
Just make it bold and that is when, Your steps complete, with glee.

I hope that this here frame technique, Will others help no end
And shoud this text be too oblique, A mail please gladly, send.

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