Friday, December 12, 2008

Soligor 1.7x C/D4 DG Teleconverter

While hunting through the classifieds
One day I stumbled 'pon
A TC, lo! so long denied
And price as seen, it shone!

So rushed me off to buyer see
And goods inspected, there
Snapped onto lens, it brought me glee
And price, oh boy, was fair!

For those that have an interest then
In what this product is
Here is quick link, no need for pen
Just click, and be appease'

What learn we then from this here gear
What does this T/C do
Enlarge your subject, with no fear
Of scare them or adieu.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Winter Leaves


As seen in the day of West gone by, Wild
When smoke was the language, the voice
Upwards they would spiral, those words from a child
Or tribesman, or warrior, their choice

This was then their way, and hidden to most
Outsiders, they read n'er it's thought
This was then their anchor, their word of the ghost
For battle and wars when once fought.

Backlit on Blue:

Shoot into the sun and capture the shade
Post process next in that dark blue
Enhance for the colours, their presence they've made
Slight sharpen, job's done, adieu.

Bleedin' Blades:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some Online Crit, In prose we Git

Seems like the evening found me well
And stuck in rhyme I've been
So to the forums online, tell
Some crit in prose, be seen ...

I was on roll and going strong
When this here chap propose
A challenge, thought I, just how long
How long this river flows ...

So here's reply to what he ask
Just like that, out the blue
An image post, a crit at task
The words did just ensue...

Yet there are those that maybe missed
The intent of the muse
So set them straight, I did insist
Some thoughts for them, peruse.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the Mirth of Man Musings

There was this chap that one day came
And asked this question, hence
On forum of the web, no shame
I had to add some sense

The question posed, I 'spose it's real
In forum, camera gear
Im still perplexed, what is the deal?
Does common sense all fear?

Does it evade, can it be bought
How can one get some then?
Perhaps a lesson in life taught
Daft questions withheld, then?

A bit off track regard this post
I think here's what I'll do
Such future finds of mirth, I'll toast
Here, updates will ensue.

So back to point of question asked
Seems like he had "bad" gear
His thoughts he penned, yet n'er tasked
His process thoughts, I fear.

So how then do I this achieve
To focus then this cam
After remote has triggered I believe
I kid you not, no sham.

The job at hand was model plane
Suspend from ceiling high
And wanted monopod on level same
Then focus too, thereby.

So here is what he planned to do
Mount on the pod his tool
Depress trigger for timer too
Then lift it all high, fool.

His problem then as he explain
Is after timer press
The box won't focus, clear and plain
Alas, he's in distress!

Oh what's a gearhead 'sposed to do
What can I buy to fix
What gear out there would you all choose
To clear for me, this mix.

Aha said I, here's what you can
Release of cable get
And plug then in to shutter, man
Problem it's solved then, yet?

Alternate then, I did propose
Some software for your need?
Cam'ra Control and laptop choose
Remote tools, fine indeed!

But ultimate I had to add
And this I think would work
A chair! good man, be herewith glad
And wipe face of that smirk!

A simple thing to get up high
At level of that plane
A stepping stool, or ladder, sigh ...
Or am I just insane?

Hey fool!, who me? indeed it's me
The answer did come through
Of what said bloke now made me see
His thoughts now ring home true.

For not as thought this task to do
His ceiling at his home
Amusement park, location to
And therein then, high dome.

So crow I eat and think then twice
About my thoughts relay
And try to be more kind, more nice
And words withhold, n'er say.

But in defence of my i-dea
Use ladder or a chair
Omit he did, message unclear
So to me, 'twas not fair.

And had he spoke then from the start
Of his intentions, true
Such thoughts of mine, a pure brain fart
Would never air, ensue.

A lesson taught, yet once again
Of lifes' hard knocks we take
When ask a question, facts retain
And no assumptions make!

Monday, July 28, 2008

James Bond Island Panorama - Phuket

As part then of our Island views, This post I made before
We went to see what many choose, Some history of days yore

Floating Village Panorama Phuket

The islands that we now did go, A heritage now hold
For it was something too not know, Hollywood it had sold
The Island now it bears the name, of James Bond I tell you
For Man with Golden Gun, it's fame, From out that rock Bond flew!

For larger size please click on pic, The size it can increase
And scroll then right, that is the trick, Your eyes will surely please
And as I'm told the water green, Depends on time of year
So accurate as can be seen, Blue water won't bring tear

Beasts and Nikon Capture NX2

To those that then are in the know, Of products just released
From Nikon comes their latest show, Applied here to some beast
The products' name it is NX, The version latest, two
It boasts impressive tools - success, Retard like me can do

Requires not degree nor skill, It's brain just under-stand
Post processing labour it does kill, And turn to pop, the bland
Technology it has behind the scene, A thing they call U-point
Selective mask it is a dream, I humbly them annoint

For not like o'ers - need be trained, This one you just in jump
And fear or such till now refrained, Your PP in a slump
A trial it is avail-able, For days of sixty test
Time good enough to enable, Your pics to look their best

In this here scary shot of wild, A chainlink fence between
And good thing too I slowly smiled, Lest photog ne'er be seen!
Effect it was then for this shot, The fence it did intrude
The nose of beast and mane it got, A task then to extrude

A control point is all it took, placed on the parts that "blew"
And contrast add and final look, An image then res-cue.

Floating Village Panorama - Phuket

It was with joy a short while back, My wife, my son, and me
A journey made, a far-off trek, The islands off to see
Did board a plane, across a sea, Into the unknown flew
And greet we were indeed with glee, A sight we n'er yet knew

And as it passed we'd board a boat, An island cruise ahead
"Floa-ting Village" I boldly quote, The boat trip did not dread
It was a treat to be so fast, That speedboat sure could fly
Alas, the time it did not last, Our destination, nigh

I took it 'pon myself right then, At outset of that view
Although our boat was moving when, Panorama, I must do!
I hyperfocused lens for depth, Exposure locked I true
A scan so quick across it's breadth, The shot below, ensue

Long Lenses and Flowers

At times there is the need to go, From lens of Macro use
Extension Tube attach up 'fro, The flowers to confuse.
One taketh lens of long reach thus, And plug in then that ring
And brand right bought, A/F a plus, your long lens makes it sing.
The tube I use to shoot the shot, Of long lens and such sort
Kenko DG, that one I've got, A/F and meter, sport!

A thing I do when shooting long, And lens it bears it's weight
Please use support, you're not that strong, Your pics will seal your fate.
The least to do is use a pod, the type of leg just one
A tripod too, it gets my nod, But most times mono, do.

The focus thing it can be tough, a tip then for you say
Go gentle, shy, n'er be so rough, And pod then slowly sway
And see the image while compose, in focus slowly come
Your patience in your pic it shows, And focused bad too, some
The thing I like about lens, long, Is how backgrounds compress An attribute I yearn for strong, It renders huge success.
So when you are in framing view, Alert be all the time
Incor-porate distractions few, Your final pic be fine

Winters' Woes, some Bleed, in Prose

Perilous Propellers:

Where others left, yet hold they on, These stragglers, left behind
The friendship circle, broken, gone, The winter has been kind.


With form deformed and toll being took, And natures path, led way
The remnants of what once had look, Now dangles in decay.

Twisted Torture:

A cry for help, a last ditch made, Attempt to reach the skies
Alas, too late, soon good-bye bade, One more of Winters' cries



A barren twig, a branch now light, It's weight robbed by the sun
And dry, and heat, and nature's plight, Left standing, none, but one


Delicate Danglers:

Off-set against a carpet green, And veils of white, so bland
A last ditch effort can be seen, For pride to take it's stand


Sunday, July 27, 2008


Twas on a weekend, now gone two, That son and I had gone
To place of wash, remove all goo, And car again make shone
And in this time of wait, car clean, The Lens portray a view
Of longing, would you too not glean, The thoughts that did ensue

Suspect I do his mind not here, Please read my post of last
The post of wing, and often prayer, His mind race to there, fast?

A Wing, A Prayer, a Young Mans' Dare

This day of week that ended nigh, the first day of week-end
I ventured with our son to try, My senses to defend
For how it came about so soon, 'Struth! where the time did go?
For heading off into the noon, Our son to us did show

That even though it's hard to grasp, And thoughts can't fathom yet
I doubt that he a girl did clasp, Or first kiss n'er forget
He strolleth up and to a plane, An aircraft of the sky
And show he too no fear, disdain, A man in charge, I sigh

Com-plete pre-checks and drain some fuel, Check oil and all such like
Then strap to head a set, so cool, And key the active mike
To ask permission for the task, the one he has for filed
And in his glory there I bask, and inside, deeply smile.

Intrigued I am, and too in awe, This man so young, so new
I feel the floor call to my jaw, This thing I try, re-chew
And garner sense, some logic here, He's still so small, ain't he?
Alas, tis not, the time of fear, His time for growth, now be.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rejuvenate, Renew, Refresh

It seems like decades since post last, That things on blogs improve
And image size, restrict in past, Now better work! I move
To take afresh a new look then, At blogging here once more
Attempt rejuvenate, and then, More content, please don't snore.

A few things change since time last post, The Muse hath undergone
A frame technique, to show pic, most, It's glory now, have shone.
This frame technique, a good friends' hint, The steps perform, he said
Your pics do well, provide a glint, Profess-ional look 'stead.

A sample then, this frame present, For those that wish the know
of how to make, and steps time lent, Your pics too, make then, glow.

The steps to take to make such frame, In tool of photo-shop
Or any such, retain their fame, Your process I won't stop
Suggest I will what need be done, Your action it may change
The execution is the fun, So try not find it strange.

First step to do is resize pic, S'en hundred for the wide
Four hundred, vertical, look slick, Display themselves, with pride.
Move on we then to step of two, A keyline, is it's name
A pixel wide, from left run through, To right, and bound the frame.

Sometimes may find, 1 pixel wide, Is not enough to show
Increase to two then side by side, your keyline's in the know
The line define in colour black, So as not to in-trude
No shadow or such other hack, That comes across as rude.

Depend on size of keyline drew, The step of next we take
If pixel one, then this pursue, S'en Nine your frame now make
Should pixel had been 2 as said, The border we reduce
And S'en eight use we now instead, The final colour choose.

The colour of the border pick, It's white, as plain can be
And if your math had kept yard-stick, Your pic now plus eigh-ty
A text in gray below can add, It's font we keep to nine
The Exif one, make users glad, And shows itself, just fine
And to the left, in size le-ven, A title too, feel free
Just make it bold and that is when, Your steps complete, with glee.

I hope that this here frame technique, Will others help no end
And shoud this text be too oblique, A mail please gladly, send.

the Muse, himself

Muses of things photographic, and of life,seen by all each day.