Monday, July 28, 2008

Beasts and Nikon Capture NX2

To those that then are in the know, Of products just released
From Nikon comes their latest show, Applied here to some beast
The products' name it is NX, The version latest, two
It boasts impressive tools - success, Retard like me can do

Requires not degree nor skill, It's brain just under-stand
Post processing labour it does kill, And turn to pop, the bland
Technology it has behind the scene, A thing they call U-point
Selective mask it is a dream, I humbly them annoint

For not like o'ers - need be trained, This one you just in jump
And fear or such till now refrained, Your PP in a slump
A trial it is avail-able, For days of sixty test
Time good enough to enable, Your pics to look their best

In this here scary shot of wild, A chainlink fence between
And good thing too I slowly smiled, Lest photog ne'er be seen!
Effect it was then for this shot, The fence it did intrude
The nose of beast and mane it got, A task then to extrude

A control point is all it took, placed on the parts that "blew"
And contrast add and final look, An image then res-cue.

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