Monday, July 28, 2008

Floating Village Panorama - Phuket

It was with joy a short while back, My wife, my son, and me
A journey made, a far-off trek, The islands off to see
Did board a plane, across a sea, Into the unknown flew
And greet we were indeed with glee, A sight we n'er yet knew

And as it passed we'd board a boat, An island cruise ahead
"Floa-ting Village" I boldly quote, The boat trip did not dread
It was a treat to be so fast, That speedboat sure could fly
Alas, the time it did not last, Our destination, nigh

I took it 'pon myself right then, At outset of that view
Although our boat was moving when, Panorama, I must do!
I hyperfocused lens for depth, Exposure locked I true
A scan so quick across it's breadth, The shot below, ensue

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