Monday, July 28, 2008

Long Lenses and Flowers

At times there is the need to go, From lens of Macro use
Extension Tube attach up 'fro, The flowers to confuse.
One taketh lens of long reach thus, And plug in then that ring
And brand right bought, A/F a plus, your long lens makes it sing.
The tube I use to shoot the shot, Of long lens and such sort
Kenko DG, that one I've got, A/F and meter, sport!

A thing I do when shooting long, And lens it bears it's weight
Please use support, you're not that strong, Your pics will seal your fate.
The least to do is use a pod, the type of leg just one
A tripod too, it gets my nod, But most times mono, do.

The focus thing it can be tough, a tip then for you say
Go gentle, shy, n'er be so rough, And pod then slowly sway
And see the image while compose, in focus slowly come
Your patience in your pic it shows, And focused bad too, some
The thing I like about lens, long, Is how backgrounds compress An attribute I yearn for strong, It renders huge success.
So when you are in framing view, Alert be all the time
Incor-porate distractions few, Your final pic be fine

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