Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Wing, A Prayer, a Young Mans' Dare

This day of week that ended nigh, the first day of week-end
I ventured with our son to try, My senses to defend
For how it came about so soon, 'Struth! where the time did go?
For heading off into the noon, Our son to us did show

That even though it's hard to grasp, And thoughts can't fathom yet
I doubt that he a girl did clasp, Or first kiss n'er forget
He strolleth up and to a plane, An aircraft of the sky
And show he too no fear, disdain, A man in charge, I sigh

Com-plete pre-checks and drain some fuel, Check oil and all such like
Then strap to head a set, so cool, And key the active mike
To ask permission for the task, the one he has for filed
And in his glory there I bask, and inside, deeply smile.

Intrigued I am, and too in awe, This man so young, so new
I feel the floor call to my jaw, This thing I try, re-chew
And garner sense, some logic here, He's still so small, ain't he?
Alas, tis not, the time of fear, His time for growth, now be.

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