Thursday, August 9, 2007

the Photo Muse - METAL MEN

The Muse discovered, 'pon one day,
The toys that men n'tertain.
And gladly went, with box to say,
No holds barred, no refrain.

Of note to muse, on day of steel,
Was cheap is not all bad.
The lens of kit, I almost feel,
Saved many shots, muse Glad!

Nay, lens of kit, not in muse' bag,
He opt for other then.
Of Sigma lens, he does now brag,
And voice it's praise with pen.

These Men of Metal tough as nails,
Resilient to the force.
Of gravity that never fails,
Methinks, perhaps divorce?

For nerves of steel to reach such heights,
Some go with spouse in tow.
Perhaps the fear of spouse cause fights?
This Muse shall never know.

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