Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the Mirth of Man Musings

There was this chap that one day came
And asked this question, hence
On forum of the web, no shame
I had to add some sense

The question posed, I 'spose it's real
In forum, camera gear
Im still perplexed, what is the deal?
Does common sense all fear?

Does it evade, can it be bought
How can one get some then?
Perhaps a lesson in life taught
Daft questions withheld, then?

A bit off track regard this post
I think here's what I'll do
Such future finds of mirth, I'll toast
Here, updates will ensue.

So back to point of question asked
Seems like he had "bad" gear
His thoughts he penned, yet n'er tasked
His process thoughts, I fear.

So how then do I this achieve
To focus then this cam
After remote has triggered I believe
I kid you not, no sham.

The job at hand was model plane
Suspend from ceiling high
And wanted monopod on level same
Then focus too, thereby.

So here is what he planned to do
Mount on the pod his tool
Depress trigger for timer too
Then lift it all high, fool.

His problem then as he explain
Is after timer press
The box won't focus, clear and plain
Alas, he's in distress!

Oh what's a gearhead 'sposed to do
What can I buy to fix
What gear out there would you all choose
To clear for me, this mix.

Aha said I, here's what you can
Release of cable get
And plug then in to shutter, man
Problem it's solved then, yet?

Alternate then, I did propose
Some software for your need?
Cam'ra Control and laptop choose
Remote tools, fine indeed!

But ultimate I had to add
And this I think would work
A chair! good man, be herewith glad
And wipe face of that smirk!

A simple thing to get up high
At level of that plane
A stepping stool, or ladder, sigh ...
Or am I just insane?

Hey fool!, who me? indeed it's me
The answer did come through
Of what said bloke now made me see
His thoughts now ring home true.

For not as thought this task to do
His ceiling at his home
Amusement park, location to
And therein then, high dome.

So crow I eat and think then twice
About my thoughts relay
And try to be more kind, more nice
And words withhold, n'er say.

But in defence of my i-dea
Use ladder or a chair
Omit he did, message unclear
So to me, 'twas not fair.

And had he spoke then from the start
Of his intentions, true
Such thoughts of mine, a pure brain fart
Would never air, ensue.

A lesson taught, yet once again
Of lifes' hard knocks we take
When ask a question, facts retain
And no assumptions make!

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