Sunday, March 11, 2007

the Photo Muse - BOX

Some wonder may and rightly so,
The Muse, his tool of choice?
The input of the florals, glow,
What gives them all their voice?

The thoughts of muse, all captured here,
Were made with box, just one.
Seem end of life, dawn, this box near,
Dee-five-oh, from Nee-kon


This box of pic it does Muse well,
and gets the job done, short.
The art is in the eye?
For many seen the Muse can tell,
with box of varied sort,
Some pics theirs, do not fly.

The voice that runs,
around the 'net,
Of more MP and like.
Is oh such fun,
to witness pet,
And anger no doubt, hike!


Debate that rages to the dawn, of what to buy,
What's next?
Cause Muse to yawn, and heave a sigh,
leave tot-ally, perplex't.

For as I see it at this time, and pity some
The task it lies at hand,
To make fresh pic sublime, do come,
I cannot understand.

The coin is turned, and wait more days,
For tree of techno new.
No pic feel barren, Muse now says,
Go hence, and buy, please do.

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