Saturday, March 10, 2007

the Photo Muse - ANNOUNCE

There came one day a man of art, Who stuck in rhyme be caught ,
And took upon a task from heart, Photography be taught!

Invited in the ones that cared, Their thoughts with his unite
The joy photography, well shared, The advent of this "knight".
The art of floral captured most, has been this artist's deed
To those that share the joy, a toast! And carry forth our seed.

The Muse of Photo greets you all, that stumble 'pon this link
And wishes you come back, enthrall, with photo, make you think.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was with joy today I met,
the Photo_Muse in rhyme adept,
while meanderingly browsing
in the land called the Inter Net.

Photo_Muse, of Africa South,
the country that gave me birth,
His poetry, Elizabethan to my mirth,
his photos also of great worth.

Great Blog Kevin, also great pics!! A great, different way to present your (considerable) talent. Please excuse my sorry attempts at rhyme, you simply called up many memories of my primary school English teachers! Such English is never heard here in Germany. Wish you lots of good light, good subjects and clever rhymes

the Muse, himself

Muses of things photographic, and of life,seen by all each day.